Lead Author, Executive Editor, and Lead Advocate, Jacquie (Lady J) Murrell, is an Author, Youth/Family Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Life (Bounce Back) & Business Coach, Media Personality, Serial Entrepreneur, and Community Servant Leader. She is the definition of what it means to "bounce back" after multiple traumas and overcoming life's hardships that seem impossible. Her story and life experiences in combination with her education, has given her a powerful and unique set of tools to help others conquer the impossible to become possible and successful in all they do. It is her purpose in life to commit herself to making a difference in the lives of others by giving of her time, resources, and talents to help anyone in need while sharing her story and tools to succeed. It is also her passion and purpose to use her life experience, education, and wisdom to be the "LIFE SUPPORT" for those who want to overcome life's challenges, rebuild their lives and live without limits.