Jacquie (Lady J) Murrell releases another compelling and phenomenal literary work with the contributions of four individual authors. This unbelievably awe-inspiring compilation shares the deepest, darkest thoughts and moments leading to each author's suicide attempts. I Survived Suicide takes readers into the very moment the act of suicide was committed, and allows them to experience the author's mindset and emotions in addition to their journey of surviving the attempt, healing, and liberation of the factors that pushed them into ending it all. I Survived Suicide also gives a glimpse into how life's struggles can consume an individual's very existence to the point where suicide prevails.

Each story will not only captivate you, but they will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions as you walk the journey with the author. You will be enlightened, inspired, and encouraged to understand how to find the key to healing from within by addressing the root of immeasurable pain, and the importance of reaching out for help to begin the process of extraction that will ultimately lead you to replanting and rebuilding your life as you find your purpose. These stories invite you to think twice about making a permanent decision based on temporary circumstances and become a true visual testament that purpose and power are birthed from pain.

The I SURVIVED SUICIDE  Movement was created by these beautiful souls to encourage, educate, motivate, inspire, and uplift those who may feel alone and to support those who have lost loved ones to suicide or who are currently battling suicidal ideology.  This site is not only a resource for those individuals to reach out for help, but it is also an outlet to seek accountability partners and confirmation that they are not alone. Visitors can share their stories anonymously and get tips, resources, encouragement, and more, on the "DARE 2B FREE" blog. 

Reach out to the authors (advocates) for more help, become an author/advocate, or book them as a guest. JOIN THE MOVEMENT.